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A Brief Introduction to Yinpeng Group

Yinpeng Group is a large-scale  science, industry  and  trade   enterprise  which  is  engaged  in  the research,  development,  manufacturing,  sales  and  service  for  electromechanical equipment. There is a technical research and development centre and manufacturing bases inside China.The total land coverage is over 100,000 square meters. The subsidiaries directly under the Group are spread over the major cities of provinces in China and sales & service networks are covered throughout  the country. Yinpeng Group has built the long-term and good cooperative relations with several electromechanical product makers of international famous brand as well as the OEM and strategic partners of Cummins Engine, Stamford and Marathon Alternator.
        The Group establishes the various business departments such as the marketing department, marine application engineering department,  telecommunication electromechanical equipment department, military business department, overseas business department, parts supply centre, customer service centre, generating equipment leasing department, repair & service department and so on. The major business include the manufacturing, sales, service and leasing of the generating-set as well as the wholesale and retail of the spare parts; undertaking the large, medium and small projects of power generating application and marine application from all circles. The products are widely used in the fields for agricultural and industrial production, commerce and trade, energy source and communications, post and telecommunications, finance and insurance, science and education, medical and health, military and national defence. The necessary continuous rating or standby rating generating equipment as well as the power used for drilling, mining, propulsion and driving can be provided for the airport, port, dock, railway, factory, mine, oil field, hospital, communication, marine, office building, farming irrigation and military defence.

The concept of modern enterprise management is actively introduced by Yinpeng Group to build up the management mechanism of normalization and modernization that follows the international practice, and carrying out all-sided informational management as well as setting up a high efficiency service system for customers of different individual characters. Yinpeng Group has been actively promoting the technical innovation and continuously perfecting the technology , quality control system and customer service networks. Yinpeng Group always keeps a very good relations with our customers and partners in order to achieve the common-wins among our Group, customers and partners.

Yinpeng Group is devoting itself to the development of national   industry increasingly and feedbacking the society to the greatest extent by taking the business concept of “creating the widest cooperative relations through close cooperation; creating the best management through  strengthening management; creating the most advanced technology through technical renovation; creating the best equipment management through the advanced equipment and creating the strongest product through high level product.”

 "Cummins power makes life better.”




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