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Sales representative some 2010-12-31 Write Upload
Position Describe
Position Describe:

Major duty:

1.Promote the sales of company’s product through efficient sales technique to meet sales quota on turnover and profit. 
2.Analyze market information, get to know the customer’s needs. Communicate with client and get feedback in time, Keep up good relationship with clients.

3.Manage the sales project individually, sign the sales contract and collect the balance of payment under the contract.



1. Eager to take on challenge. Have strong inclination towards sales job and have intense confidence. Have more than two years’s working experience.
2.Outwardly-looking, with good team spirit and devotion for work, individual ability to analyze and solve the problem, apt to develop new client base, fluent communication skills and sales skill, able to work under tense work pressure.
3. Person with enriched client base (especially in Shanghai real estate) are preferred
4.Skillful in using Word, Excel software, with common website knowledge

5.We set no requirement on education background. People need to rich sales experience.

Salary and benefit: Fixed base salary plus high sales bonus which will be decided during interview. Paying pension insurance according to the signed Labor Contract.

Working site: Gong He Xin Road (near Chang Zhong Road)



Address:No.969,Luoning Road
Baoshan District,Shanghai