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  •  Spare Parts Supply
    Product  Introduction
    Type  of  Product:Cummins  Engine  Parts,Filters,Dedicated  Lubrication  Oil,Gearbox  Parts  as  well  as  the  Completion  for  Various  Power  Units  
    Scope  of  Supply:B,C,L,M,N,K,KV,Q  Engine  Series.
  •  Filter list
    Fuel filter,Oil filter,Water filter
  •  Air filter
  •  Coolant additive
    Direction for use: Following measures are to be taken according to various consistency for the coolant additive (SCADAC4): ■ When DCA4 content exceeds 0.8 unit per liter of coolant: No need to replace coolant additive filter (water filter). No need to add DCA4 additive solution. Only need to observe the DCA4 content of the additive until it drops below 0.8 unit while doing maintenance (changing oil).



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