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  •  Customer Support
    Shanghai Kangcheng fast service item is oriented by the customer demand and is a all-sided service support item. The purpose of service is to make repair start as quick as possible and finish the repair as quick as possible as well. Yinpeng will extend its service to wherever the customer is.
  •  Engine Repair and Maintenance
    It is essential to take precautions to do repair and maintenance for standby power system. The failed start and operation of standby generator will result in the damage of property, business and even personal damage. The failure of start and operation is mostly caused by improper service/maintenance making insufficient charging to battery.
  •  Failure Diagnosis and simple repair process
    In order to support Cummins Chinese customers and distributors/dealers in the best way, in order to help you quickly define the real cause of the failure that you encountered during the operation, we are here to list some basic principle and procedure of the failure diagnosis and repair. Meanwhile, we list the failure diagnosis and simple repair procedure for each Cummins engine series.



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